Theme – Biblical Walk

The Christian Walk
Here is another theme you can use in your planning and also some of the ideas that were used along with this theme. You can adapt them to meet your own needs. Information on each meeting was put into booklet form with a cover that looked like the picture below.

The Christian’s Walk

Possible Theme verse: “Doth not he see my ways, and count all my steps?” Job 31:4

Possible Theme song:

I’ve Set My Feet on God’s Road

Ten thousand foes may surround me
To turn me from the right
But God’s great arms are around me
His arms of love and might!

I’ve set me feet on God’s road
And never will I drift or roam
I’ve set my feet on God’s road
I’ll travel till I reach my home!

My Lord is walking beside me,
He keeps me by His grace,
And ev’ry step He will guide me
Till I see Him face to face!

I’ve set my feet on God’s road
And never will I turn around,
I’ve set my feet on God’s road
I’m heading for that higher ground,
I’m heading for that higher ground!

Possible Devotional topics:

  • Walk in Faith and Thanksgiving
  • Walk in Wisdom
  • Walk in the Spirit
  • Walk in adversity
  • Walk in integrity

Conversion Charts for fitness




Activity Conversion Chart


Modest Pace (less than
6 cal. used per minute)

Active Pace (6-10 cal. used per minute)

Vigorous Pace (10+Cal. used per minute)

Sample Activities   

gardening,house cleaning,bowling, golfing,painting,car washing,fishing,window cleaning

softball,weightlifting,shoveling snow, playing w/ kids, racquetball, tennis, volleyball, skiing,yoga

exercise classes (i.e. step, spinning, kickboxing) basketball, soccer, martial arts, chopping wood, swimming


15 min. of activity = 1 mile

20 min. of activity = 2 miles

25 min. of activity = 3 miles

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