7 Things a Grandma Would Love at Her Birthday Party

7 Things a Grandma Would Love at Her Birthday Party

What are some things you would love at your birthday party?  Presents?  Food?  Fun?  Do you have certain ideas that you would incorporate if you were planning your own party?  Well, this grandma planned her own party so she could have just what she wanted.  She came up with 7 things that she would love for her party.  The reason she planned her own was because it was a milestone birthday and she knew one of her children would decide to do something.  So before they could, she told everyone she was planning her own party so it could be just the way she wanted it.   Really, isn’t it a good idea?  That way you are sure to have it just the way you want; you know, “Have it your way
7 Things Grandma would love at her birthday party

Now everyone will have their own ideas, but for this Grandma, these were some very great ideas.

  1. Presence, not their presents. Request the presence, not presents of your guests.   Although, you may receive some nice presents, let them know how much your appreciate their presence.
  2. Singing – Have each guest or family prepare a song and sing it for you – if you have grandkids, request that they sing too.  I love to hear my grandkids sing and it made my day extra special!
  3. Salvation Testimonies!  Do you love to hear how people got saved?  Request that they write this down and leave it with you. And if someone wants to share theirs, let them.  Isn’t it more fun to make this day about others rather than yourself?
  4. How old are you today?  Request that each guest write out that many reasons why they love the Lord, or why they ________________ (you fill in the blank).  This makes an extra special birthday present.
  5. Trivia – Make up a trivia game about yourself, since you are the birthday person.  See how many questions your guests can get right.
  6. Slideshow – Make a slideshow of yourself and leave it in plain view for all to see. Use pictures from birth to now.
  7. Group Singing – This is a lovely way to end a great birthday party.  Pick out some of your favorites ahead of time and let them pick theirs too.  Then sing from your heart to the Lord.  It will be a tremendous blessing!
So how about you?  Any great ideas?  Share them, pretty please.   I would love to know what great ideas you would use for your own party.
And remember, one day there will be a great celebration that requires you to be born again.  Born again?  How can one be born a second time?  You can be born a second time and have a birthday that lasts forever!  Hope to see all of you at this celebration.
Dirinda Westfall Lacen

These are all excellent ideas! I love salvation stories, too! We did the Trivia game for my daughter’s 30th birthday party. She was born in the 80s, so we had an 80s trivia game, a 1985 game and a Chelsea game.


    Sounds like you had some good ideas too. Any family time is fun time! Thanks for your suggestions.

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