Tips From Men When Caring for the House

On the Lighter side

  1. Why wash it? It will just get dirty again.
  2. Do the math: dishwashers do in 30 minutes what washers and dryers do in 90.
  3. This just in from Paris: Wrinkles are in this fall.
  4. Always plan play dates on rainy days – no need to wash clothes!
  5. An iron is best used for making grilled cheese sandwiches.
  6. Throw laundry on driveway and power wash it.
  7. Save money and electricity: strap wet laundry to your van’s roof rack!
  8. Throw laundry and a little soap in a kiddie pool – kids love to play in the bubbles.
  9. Get to work inventing disposable clothing.
  10. Underwear has two sides for a reason – flip ’em over for two days of wear!

Here’s another one:

How Men clean house

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