What Does Christmas Mean To You – Special Memories

Many Years ago, when I was a teenager,  we had a very special Christmas, probably the most memorable one for me.  Money was scarce and it was decided that there would not be presents this year except the presence of each others company (our immediate family and my aunt’s immediate family)  We were the ones who usually spent Christmas together each year.  Everyone was to contribute in some way,  a reading, a poem, a story, a testimony, a song, or whatever they could come up with.  This was such a wonderful Christmas!  As I contemplated what to do some words came into my head that I put together as a poem about the true meaning of Christmas.  You are welcome to read it for yourself in the document below.  And MERRY CHRISTMAS.  You can have Christmas in your heart every day if you know it’s true meaning;  The Christ of the manger is the Christ of the Cross.  You Can Know Him!  Here’s How.
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