Kids say the funniest things. What do your grandkids say?

What does your grand child say?

Addie had been thinking a lot about being baptized since she was recently saved.  She decided to have a talk with the pastor about it.

Addie:  Pastor Camp, I need to talk to you.

Pastor:  What do you want to talk about Addie?

Addie:  I want to be baptized.

Pastor:  When do you want to be baptized?

Addie:  As soon as my parents get their act together!

Here is another one.

One Sunday Addie came to church with her hair still a little damp.  The dampness was causing her natural curls to come out more.  Our Preacher’s wife noticed it and commented to her.

Mrs. Camp: Addie, I like your curly hair

Addie: I don’t like it.

Mrs. Camp: Why don’t you like it?

Addie:  Because then I look like Nellie Olson

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On Growing Up

Grandpa to Adalyn: What do you want to be when you grow up Addie? Adalyn: Hmm – I think I’ll be an old maid.

JD, (our grandson) “escaped” from grandpa tonight while being babysat during choir practice. When he returned, Grandpa told him if you touch the doorknob, you might get a whippin’, to which Addy (our granddaughter)  exclaimed “I never touch door knobs, Praise the Lord, I won’t get a whippin’.

Kaylah (three years old)  – “I need to wear my jean jacket, because I’m a jean-ius”.

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