Whose Team Are You On?

Team – Whose Team Are You On?

When I first saw the word “team” for Five Minute Friday, nothing, I mean nothing came to mind.  But I just decided to set my timer and start writing and when I did, well, the Lord just put these thoughts in my mind.  


Who’s on your team?

Or whose team are you on?

Whose Team Are You On?

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When we were children we were often divided into teams or two leaders were picked to choose teams. How horrible it felt if you were the last one picked or even as the team leader how badly it felt to pick someone last because you knew they were not one of the best.  

But guess what?

I am on God’s team! 

And He is no respector of persons!  

Acts 10:34 Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:


Praise the Lord He treats all of us the same.  Every one of us can join His team freely.  In fact He has already chosen each one of us to be on His team.  It is just up to us to accept His invitation.  And when we accept we can be assured that we are on the best team ever.

It is a team that never loses.

It is a team that has members who are just like you – a sinner saved by the grace of God

It is a team that has the very creator of the universe as the leader and coach all in one

It is a team that will go on through eternity.

It is a team where no one is better than the other and each one has opportunity to use the talents he/she has in order to bring glory to the team leader.

I am so thrilled to be part of this team!  I am thrilled that all of my children have joined this team and many of my grandchildren too.  I am praying that the rest of my grandchildren will join the team soon.  

What is the name of this team?  The Children of God.  Yes, that’s right, the children of God!  

Will you become one of us today?


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Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

Great post, Ellen. Your faith and hope really shine in your definition of ‘TEAM’. Thank you for writing this; I rather suspect that there are people you will meet in Heaven who will tell you that it was YOUR post, Ellen, of August 19, 2016, that brought them there.

You are a strong woman of God. Please, never stop writing your heart and faith.

#2 at FMF this week.



    Thank you for your kind comments. It is my desire to see others come to know the Lord. On His “team” we will enter eternity as the victors. No more crying, no more pain, no more sadness, no more suffering, no more enemies, no more sin! Praise God! Praying for you, Andrew, in your time of need.

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