With Arms Outstretched I thank . . .

With arms outstretched I thank. With heart beating gratefully I love. With body in health I jump for joy. With spirit full I live. 
~Terri Guillemets

How thankful I am that God has made me a grandma!  Sometimes I am overwhelmed, with most of them being near home, (God has given us 14 in all with 2 on the way) and it seems often I am babysitting or doing something with or for one of them.  But oh what a blessing.  I realize that “This is the Grandma God has made and I need to rejoice and be glad in it”   

I never would have dreamed that I would be allowed to grandparent so many. I certainly have many blessings to count and realize that God has given me a great responsibility to influence them Spiritually and pray for them daily that they would desire to be saved and to serve God wholeheartedly.  

So it is I am thankful on Day 4 to be able to stretch my arms out and hug each one, to have a heart full of love for all of them,  that God has blessed my body with good health so that I can enjoy them and because I know Jesus as my Savior, my spirit is full of life that I can share with them.  God is good!


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