The Wordless Book Christmas Tree Gospel Craft for Children with Free Printable

Wordless Book Christmas Tree

I just love the wordless book.  It is such a wonderful way to present the gospel to children and even to adults.  I have used it often and still do when I teach Sunday School.  If you don’t know what the wordless book is, in short, it is a witness tool, a book made up of colors in which each color represents an aspect of the gospel.  You can read a sermon on the Wordless Book by C. H. Spurgeon HERE.

The Colors of the Wordless Book and their meanings - a good witnessing tool for anyone

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Another Way to Use the Wordless Book

I find it a joy to have a wordless book craft for as many seasons as possible. There are many possibilities and ideas if you do a google search, but I also like to come up with my own.  That being the case,  I came up with the Wordless Book Christmas Tree. Each child or student can cut out colored ornaments representing the Wordless Book.  Each one has a Bible Verse for that color. There is an option to use black and white ornaments and let the students color their own and glue them on the tree.  They too can share the gospel with others.

Get Your Own Copy of This Craft

If  you would like your own copy, sign up below and you will receive a link to make your own or use for your children, your grandchildren, your Sunday School Class or Children’s Church.  This is in pdf form and has everything you need for making your own.  All you have to do is print it and cut it out.  

The Wordless Book is also in song form.  It was copyrighted in 1940 and can be found in the Salvation Songs for Children put out by Child Evangelism Fellowship.  It is a simple and catchy song that the kids love to sing.

The picture below is what your Wordless Book Tree will look like?  Want your own, sign up, and a link will be sent.

Wordless Book Christmas Tree Craft



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