Instilling Biblical Truths Into My Grandchildren – You can talk to God at any time

You can talk to God at any time once you come to know the Lord!  Tell you grandchildren how awesome this is!  God says we can come boldly to the throne of grace to find help in time of need.  You are talking to the God of this universe, the great creator, the one who sent his only beloved Son to die on the cross for you! 

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Biblical Truths to Instill into my Grandchildren - You Can Talk to God at Any Time

Talk to God at any time.

David said in the Psalms: Evening and morning and noon will I cry aloud and He will hear my voice.  {Here is a great book on prayer that will encourage you)

I don’t know about you, but I am awed to think that I can actually talk to God anytime I want or need to. And I surely want my grandchildren to realize the wonder of this truth!  He’s there, He’s listening, He loves us,  He knows our needs; He is waiting for us to commune with Him.  

 I am posting a series on 31 Biblical Truths to teach your grandchildren.  You can begin the series Here.  You can also sign up below to get a list of all of them along with a free 31 day devotional Ebook.


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